Self Paper

Self Paper

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The Award that Changed My Life

The year was 2000, and like the years before it came and went like the rest. It was the end of the school year, and Doug and I were in the gym, with the rest of the school. I was not sure why they were having everyone meet in the gym, according to Doug, “they were having some awards and reception for the geeks,” and by this I think he meant the school band and some of the smart kids. The band was positioned on the gym floor where the basketball hoop normally was; it had been raised to the ceiling. I do remember that the choir sang, because at the time I was dating Holly Miller, and she sang for the show choir. I could not say what happened after that because Doug and I were goofing around. Then I got a little nudge from a student I did not know, and when I turned to look at him he pointed to my teacher. When I looked at my teacher I saw her make a gesture to the center of the stage. At first I thought she was telling me to pay attention like she normally did. What seemed like forever was a pause in the gym, no one seemed to be talking, and they seemed to be waiting for something. Then again I got a nudge from that same kid, which I cannot recall who he was, he was not in my class and I don’t even think he was in my grade. Then again like before he pointed to the teacher and the teacher made a motion to the center of the gym. Then all of a sudden my name echoed in the gym from the speakers. They had a tone like my mom did when she wanted me to come to her. It was then I realized that I was wanted at the center of the stage; I jumped out of my seat and walked to the stage. I could feel my heart pounding, because I knew everyone was looking at me. I was not sure why I was going to the stage; I walked up and the school principal handed me a piece of paper. It read “President’s Education Awards Program for outstanding educational improvement.” As I looked at it I was wondering how I got here.


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