selfies- good or bad?

selfies- good or bad?


A selfie is a picture someone has taken of himself or herself with there own fingers. There are many different kinds of selfies: group selfies, single selfies, mirror selfies. There are also selfies taken on a cell phone and only kept on the camera roll, selfies that are posted to social network pages, and selfies being sent through text or snapchat. They shouldn’t be classifies as good or bad, just different. Selfies aren’t about being fascinated in looking at one’s self, it’s more just a way of communicating by expressing your facial expressions. Although some people take picture just for them to see, it could mean anything from checking if your mascara is smudged, to wanting to remember what you where wearing on that day.

There are probably many reasons why people take selfies. Some might take more than others. There shouldn’t be any purpose in judging these people. Taking a photograph is not doing any harm to anyone, just making the photographer content. A selfie is nothing more than just keeping a visual diary of one’s self. Sharing a selfie on facebook or instagram can sometimes be about seeing what other people think of you, who likes it, who comments on it. Although, sending a selfie to just a single person is different, because it is more direct. It shows your emotion towards that specific person, emotion that cannot be expressed through black and white print.

Are selfies changing the way we interact with each other? Yes Looking to the future it is understandable that sharing and posting from modern technology could be a bad thing, but right now it is just another way of communicating.

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