Senator Cruz Letter

Senator Cruz Letter

Dear Senator Cruz:

I am a student who is a resident of Mesquite, TX and I am writing about the cost of college education

In 2010, the H.R. 4872 (Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act) was passed in order to assist with the financial burden of student loans for further education. Limiting monthly payments to about ten percent of the students income will ease this burden, however it will not be enough.

Because of my financial status, as a middle class American neither I or anyone in my family can afford to pay for a college tuition or the cost of medical school. To be extremely honest, I’ve thought of changing my career options simply because I was not sure if I could afford to achieve the goal to become a neurologist. However with financial assistance now, I wish to be able to save lives in the future

I believe in the great importance of seeking further education after obtaining a high school diploma. Due to your graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law school, I assume it is safe to say that you a gree that education is a vital key to success. I understand that you agree with the complete removal of the Department of Education, but as a student, I am specifically asking you to to promote financial assistants for blue collar men and women who work extremely hard to pay for college. As a young student going into college in fall of 2013, I would profoundly appreciate it and benefit from it

Thank you for considering this matter.

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