Senior Project

Senior Project

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Kenia Garcia
Mrs. Delforge
Senior Project TT
November 2, 2011

Perfect Prom Dress
Essential Question: What would be the best textiles and patterns for creating the perfect prom dress?
Annotated Bibliography
Thomas, Daphne. "Prom Dress Patterns." Creative Sewing Tips and Advice, at Your Fingertips. SBI! Web. 02 Nov. 2011. <>.

Finding a perfect pattern or material may not always pop out in sight for the first time especially when using for certain purposes. One of the ways a person discovers the way they are going to choose their prom dress is by looking at all the types of materials. Choosing the right material first is the essential key to determine what kind of style of dress you’re going look for. The important key is to choose the right material you will want to see yourself in the day of prom. Material can sometimes be tricky to sew together because of the type of fabric it is. Remember not all material can be used for certain types of patterns so it is important to know what kind of material you’re going to want to wear first. Once the material has been considered, then a pattern is the next thing you will need to look for. Many resources are out there like Simplicity pattern books, costumes, and bridal or bride’s maid dresses as well.These patterns can be found in Simplicity pattern books. To get more ideas to creating your own unique prom dress, going through the costume section can give many inspirations as of how to start putting ideas together in mind to make your own dress.
This article I found to be in a tips website for sewing projects by its creator Daphne Thomas. Thomas is a seamstress herself and knows a lot about many sewing projects in general. She has tips and advice for how to choose patterns and fabric materials to make a prom dress on your own. There are descriptive tips on how to choose the right fabric material and patterns on your own. “When considering sewing...

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