Seniors' Wall

Seniors' Wall

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Senior’s Wall

Tick-tock-tick-tock. The sound of an invisible clock hovers in every mind of every 4th year student. Graduation is, after all, mere weeks away. Soon, they will have to say goodbye to their peers, to their favorite teachers and to their Alma Mater who nurtured them to become champions. Now that their “rule” is nearly at its end, the “crown” is free for the taking.
For the students who aspire to be at the top, here are some advices and words of inspiration from the kings and queens of BCC High:

JPat: What advice can you give to the aspiring athletes of BCC?

“Just do your best in your chosen sport because your skill will eventually develop. Be patient because sooner or later it will be your time to shine.”
* Christina Mae Hachero, Team Captain, Volleyball Girls
JPat: Being a leader is a tough responsibility. For you, what is leadership in BCC?

“Leadership in BCC is about sacrificing your time and self to serve and to be a good inspiration to others. The meaning of success as a leader is not about being perfect but being satisfied, confident, and honest to yourself the way you act and react in a certain situation. It is all about giving your best shot in everything you do, not only for yourself but also for other people. As Bl. Arnold Jensen said ‘To God, the glory; to my neighbors, the benefits; to myself, the burden.’”
* Roger Joshua Venzal, SAO Senator, Former SAO President
JPat: What made you boost your confidence in high school?

“Well, first of all, you should be YOUrself. Just as the saying goes ‘be strong and thrive, be weak and you’ll perish.’
Don’t mind haters and people who speak negative about you. Remember always, on whatever words they will throw upon on you, take it as a challenge. Sooner or later you will succeed. And always bear in mind, you own the spotlight of your life; no one could ever take it away from you.”
* Miles Therese...

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