Sensation and Reality

Sensation and Reality

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Sensation and Reality

Much of what human beings obtain from the world around us is perceived by our senses. They receive and, together with rationality, inevitably process and interpret every bit of information. For this reason, most of our perception of the ultimately impossible reality depends crucially on the nature of our sense organs, since they are the ones that essentially provide a channel of communication between our insides and the world outside.

As human beings, we do not hear every existing sound nor do we see every light ray.
Besides, each one of us selects different things, according to our degree of awareness, among other reasons. All together, if our sense organs were not, by nature, selective in the perception phenomena, our interpretation of our reality would be nothing of what it is today. Apart from this, the observer often causes an effect on the observed. We tend to change our behavior when we know we are being observed. For this reason, we may never be sure of what the world is like independent of our perception of it.

Furthermore, perception contains an element of interpretation, we inevitably interpret the information we gain. Perceiving is not only about observation but a complex process composed by sensation plus unavoidable interpretation. In addition, as human beings are not purely rational, we cannot stop ourselves from including our values and judgments in our interpretations. Due to these facts, perception loses any possibility of being infallible, for it can never guarantee absolute certainty.

The perception phenomenon is a direct reflection of our sense organs' activity and of its interaction with our mind. If its nature was different and its mistake removed, our view of the world would be different. Different sense organs mean different perceptions of the world.

Still, it is important to mention that, as a result of the lack or deficiency of one sense, many disadvantaged people develop more another sense. In...

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