Seo Analysis

Seo Analysis

Lightsource SEO Analysis

Spiders digest everything from top down in order of importance. It looks like your Lightsource header is a graphic, which means spiders won’t crawl it because they don’t comprehend graphics. You can put in some alt text to fix that…but alt text isn’t the type of content that spiders are first drawn to. Can you create a header that is actual text plus graphics?

In general, search terms should be—without compromising integrity of content—at beginning of page, first few words of paragraph when and where possible. Spiders also digest the words at the top of a page first. Switching around the first and second sentences of the first paragraph on the homepage puts some strong keyword search terms in a good position for spiders.

Headers also are a priority for spiders. The second sub-header is not really suited to SEO because it doesn’t include any keyword search terms. Assuming “customized marketing plans” is a potential keyword search term, how about:

Custom Marketing Plans that Deliver

I’d also kill the first sentence of second paragraph for SEO.

Spiders like hyper links! Especially when they lead you deeper into your site—which serves the dual function of maximizing your sales funnel goals. In essence, links are a way to quickly guide your potential customer to the information he or she wants. This approach can also help your site fulfill the needs of various types of customers.

For example:

Am I “in the know” about my industry needs/requirements and just want to contact you quickly? Link users to a “Contact Us” sub-page from the home page. This could “live” in your existing About Us section.

You could also create a form that lets potential new customers submit queries quickly—and include on the form some basic questions to determine what type of customer they are. This could also help you add to a database of existing leads.

Your RH box isn’t really serving an SEO function. It would help to replace that...

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