Service and Sacrifice Made by Our American Veterans

Service and Sacrifice Made by Our American Veterans

Service and Sacrifice made by our American Veterans

This essay is about service and sacrifice by American Veterans, and

how it benefits our youth. My first paragraph will include my first

opinion on why I believe today’s youth benefits from our American

Veteran’s sacrifices, in all the wars they fought in.

The rest of my essay also expresses my views on the services and sacrifices made by our veterans.

One way I think our youth has benefited is because our country

wouldn’t be free and powerful. If our troops wouldn’t fight for there

country we could lose wars and possibly get invaded. Our troops fighting

for our country makes us one of the world’s largest powers and make our

country safe to live in.

Another way I believe our youth benefit is by allowing us to be free.

We are free to choose what religion we wish to believe in as well as where

and when. Another big freedom is of speech. We as Americans can express

our opinions without being punished or imprisoned for what we think or say.

We also have a voice in our government and can vote for the people we want

to run our government.

The third way I believe America’s youth has benefited from the

Service of our Veterans is living free from fear. In America we live without

Feeling that we can be bombed or kill at any moment. In other countries

like Iraq they have people dying everyday because they believe in a certain

religion or have different views on how to live there lives or because they

were in the line of fire. These people have to live in fear every second of

everyday because they are not allowed the chooses that we have as


I am very proud to live in a country were I can be free of fear. To

walk out of the house each morning knowing that I can’t get shot because

my country is at war.

These are the reasons why I believe the American Veterans have

benefited our youth today....

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