service reflection

service reflection

Service Reflection

Doing service is a great way to get involved with the community. There are
always people and businesses looking for help, and it is usually easy to find a way to help. When i discovered that i have to do volunteering service for religion, I was excited because I had never really volunteered before. It’s very interesting, because it actually made me feel like a better person for helping someone in the community.

I’ve been doing my service at 67th street library. Being surrounded with books and helping people to find what they want makes me happy. As far as my learning in general, I learned about myself as I saw how good it felt to do something for someone else. Just for the good of mankind, not for any other reason. I also think it helped me to learn how to work with other people. Moreover, i’ve met a lot of wonderful people that helped me to become a social active individual. As a senior, i strongly recommend other students to do their service at 67th library. Not only it’s near in our school but also it’s fun to help others on what they need. But in opinion, it doesn't really matter where you work as long as you’re doing good deeds to someone else and you’re enjoying it, then it’s fine.

Overall,my community service taught me many new things. one of those are volunteering only betters a person. I know from experiences that volunteers really make a difference in people’s lives. Volunteering is something that everyone should want to do, and the benefits are a great part too. I have learned through my church family different ways to feel “needed” on this earth, and one of those ways is to help others. I have learned about Karma, within the last couple of years, and I truly believe in it. What goes around, comes around. So I think that if you are only putting good deeds out there, then eventually someone or something will do good deeds in return. I feel that everyone should volunteer, and for something that they are passionate about....

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