Service Robots the Rise of Machines Technology & Market Trends

Service Robots the Rise of Machines Technology & Market Trends

Service Robots the Rise of Machines Technology & Market Trends
Overview of the service robot technology, including both professional and personal service
robots, and the function of each component system of a service robot
Patent data mining procedure and findings, touching on major technology fields and
sectors identified through the data mining technique; also included are a simulation of the
life cycle of service robot patents as well as top 30 assignees and their R&D strength
A brief outlook for the sales volume and value of the worldwide service robot market from
2010 to 2016
Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include:

Aethon, Amazon, Construction Robotics, Electrolux, Foxconn, Google, HOBOT, Honda,
Intouch Health, Intuitive Surgical, iRobot, Kiva Systems, Komatsu Forest, LG, Microsoft,
Neato Robotics, Robmaria, Samsung, Seegrid, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, VGo Communications

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Table of Content
1. Technology Overview
1.1 Categories of Service Robots
1.1.1 Service Robots for Professional Use
1.1.2 Service Robots for Personal/ Domestic Use
1.2 Component Systems
2. Patent Data Mining of Service Robot Technologies

2.1 Patent Search Procedure
2.1.1 Selecting a Patent Database
2.1.2 Identifying Search Keywords
2.1.3 Data Selection
2.1.4 Data Analysis
2.2 Analysis of Technology Trends
2.2.1 Text Mining
2.2.2 Data Mining
2.2.3 Patent Life Cycle Simulation
2.2.4 Relative R&D Strength
2.2.5 Results of Patent Index Analysis
3. Outlook for the Service Robot Market
4. Tracking and Observing Highlights
4.1 Technology Aspect
4.2 Patent Aspect
4.3 Market Aspect
Glossary of Terms

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