Setting Up a Domain

Setting Up a Domain

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Setting up Operating System

The Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition will be used for domain active directory because it supports higher-end applications that require superior performance, availability and reliability. With the added clustering capabilities the Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition offers it can link two or more computers together and provide fail-safe services to the AlphaCorp operating system. domain will consist of a raid five backup system to ensure no loss of data in case of any power or hard drive failures.

For setting up each of the user account in each dept will have it’s own user template, for example the sales dept will have it’s own user template to ensure consistency and ease when adjustments need to be made. For the call center for instance the template would specify the dept name, user name and password. The password control will set to where each call center agent would need to change his/her password after the first login to ensure each agent own security needs. In the Active Directory Users and Computers the Users container would be right-clicked and then select new, then user. In the New Object box, _Call Center Template would be entered in the name text box, then after pressing the tab key four times the Call Center Dept name can be created. By selecting the User must change password at next logon box, each Call Center agent will be able to use their own security setting.

Users account will need to be set up for all of the staff members. For instance in Margaret Tranh account, her first and last name will be her logon and her password will be LBSR00001XX. In the description box will be her job title: Sales Representative and in the office box will have Long Beach. Also included will be her cell, work and fax phone number, email mail address and any other contact information. The Interactive Authentication will be used to ensure that only Margaret will have...

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