Seven Eleven

Seven Eleven

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Seven Eleven Japan

Case Questions:

1. Briefly describe the system requirements that SEJ wanted from its information system and the challenge in meeting those requirements.

2. What is meant by SEJ’s “Total Information Network?”

Seven Eleven Japan has implemented what they refer to as their “Total Information System Network.” This is a network that encompasses several key business functions within one source to keep information flowing, but at the same time, streamline the process. The network relies heavily on multiple sources of multimedia-based information including pictures, movies, audio, and text. This helps convey information to not only Seven Eleven’s employees, but to their customers as well. Information can be collected and stored within the network and then distributed by the network to Seven Eleven’s various stores and employees. This integrated network also allows employees to keep up-to-date with new products, weather, and current events – including their own television commercials and display ads. This “Total Information System Network” helps keep all of Seven Eleven’s employees informed as to what is happening within the company, what is happening culturally, and how customer trends are changing. Not only that, the system is designed to provide the information quickly and as simply as possible. The multiple forms of multimedia help provide clarity and multiple stores can even communicate back and forth, all within this single network.

3. Briefly discuss the importance of real-time sales data to SEJ’s operations.

4. Briefly discuss how information systems impact the management of SEJ’s supply chain.

Seven Eleven Japan’s customized information systems have had a great impact on their supply chain. Because of the system in place they have seen great improvement on the efficiency of their supply chain as well as how quickly they can respond to changes within it. The system lets them gather real time...

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