Seven Safe Operations for Trailer Concrete Pump

Seven Safe Operations for Trailer Concrete Pump

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1) trailer concrete pump should be placed on a solid flat surface, put the leg, placing the body smooth.

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2) before the job you should check ready-mixed Concrete Batching Plants, confirm that electrical equipment and instruments properly diesel concrete mixer, switch button, handle various parts in the correct position, solid, reliable mechanical fastening point, chain and belt tight compliance requirements, transmission parts are working properly.  

3) concrete pumps concrete conveying pipe joints should be sealed tightly, pipe clamp is securely connected. Before the vertical pipe should be at least 10m check valve in horizontal pipe, no vertical pipe directly in concrete pump outlet.

4) clear clogged pipes, should evacuate personnel around. Reverse action to be taken before the removal pipe cleaning method, clearing the pipeline pressure. Remove spout is strictly prohibited on the person.

5) shall not remove the hopper grid concrete pump operation nets and other safety devices. May not climb and ride the pressure pipeline, shall put his hand into the body, do not disassemble pipes when the pump.

6) clean pipe, the operator exports should leave pipe and elbow joints. If using compressed air to clean pipes, no one within 10m and equipment at the pipe exit.

7) after the concrete pump operating concrete mixer products, pressure relief hydraulic system, all the control switches back to the original position.

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