Seven Steps of Electrical System Installation

Seven Steps of Electrical System Installation

After water well drilling rig equipment is overall transported to well site, installation steps are as follows. After comprehensive check whether the connection is correct electric portable concrete mixer, we can respectively conduct for the installation of electrical system.

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Reinstall the electrical system: Electric room must be horizontally laid and out of the ground Portable concrete mixer, in order to prevent the water coming into the machine from the bottom. All cables must be connected to the motor or of the peripherals. All cable plugs must be tightened to prevent loosening or the avoid water coming into machine. There must be installed 4 grounding electrodes near electrical room and connect them to the electrical room on the main grounding line.

Before connected to the room appliances, motor and cable insulation must be checked. We must carefully check whether cable connection is correct before supplying electricity. Check the control element and its supports, and confirm that there is no damage or loose caused because of transportation. Air switch in the breaker, rectifier cabinet and inverter cabinet generally do not need the disjunction.

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