Seven Theories of Biology

Seven Theories of Biology

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Theories of Biology

There are seven theories of Biology and they are as follows:
The first is Evolution by Natural Selection. This is the explanation of all living things both the species and mechanism for which it changes.
The second is Inheritance. This is the passing of characteristics and traits from one generation to the next by way genes.
The third is Cells. This is that all organisms are composed of cells and that all cells come from pre-existing cells. Furthermore, that all cells are capable of showing the characteristics of life.
The fourth is biological classification. This is the organizing of different species by using similarities and differences to classify them and keep track of them.
The fifth is Bioenergetics. This is the energy or power that life operates by and includes the chemical reaction in cells.
The sixth is Homeostasis. This is how organisms tolerate changes externally yet maintain stability within their internal structure.
The seventh is Ecosystem. This is the interaction of organisms with other organisms in their environment.
The theory I choose that relates to the news today is the ecosystem. In Antarctica, the ice is melting with the drastic climate changes. This melting is causing a loss in food and possible survival of the Emperor Penguin. The Emperor Penguin relies on crustaceans as a source of food and these crustaceans thrive on algae that grow on the underside of the ice. This is not affecting the fish or whales that also feed on these crustaceans because they can adapt quickly to the climate changes. However, the Emperor Penguin is not as quick to adapt, and if they cannot adapt they will perish.

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