Sex and Baseball

Sex and Baseball

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{text:bookmark} {text:bookmark} Go to the health food store. Purchase organic apple cider vinegar with Mother. ("Mother" simply means that the vinegar is not processed and the living enzymes remain intact.) This will cost between $3 and $5. Not a huge investment for something so precious as your health and self-esteem. (Not everyone suffers low self-esteem from being overweight. But if you are, you'll realize that spending a few dollars to feel better about yourself is a small price to pay.) What are you going to do with organic apple cider vinegar, you ask? You're going to drink it every day, religiously, to curb your appetite, promote a healthy bowel, give you glowing skin, and start melting that fat right off your body!
{draw:frame} {text:bookmark} Recipe for organic apple cider vinegar weight loss drink:

Put 1 teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar in 4-8 ounces of water. Add
1 packet of Stevia Balance packet. (Stevia Balance is a healthy, natural sweetener that helps balance your blood sugar and can help you lose weight). Add ice if you'd like, stir, and enjoy! (It is similar in taste to Lemonade in that the tartness of the vinegar balances out with the sweetness of the Stevia.)

Alternately, if you prefer hot drinks you can add 1 teaspoon of the organic apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water and a drizzle of (raw) honey or Stevia Balance packet.
{draw:frame} {text:bookmark} While you're at the health food store, pick up a box of organic green tea. Make yourself a cup of hot tea each morning before you eat. You can also drink it (hot or cold) throughout the day. Several cups per day is perfectly safe. It will curb your appetite, help melt away fat, help your metabolism, and also helps fight cancer and disease!
{draw:frame} {text:bookmark} Go to the grocery store. Choose your favorite vegetables. Don't like vegetables? Try at...

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