Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

Sex Discrimination In the Workplace

Group members:冷梦珂、陈怡、吉虹璇、梁家哲、李瑶、李佳璐

Introducing sex discrimination
Describing the issues that take place in this case
Illustrating the problems and reasons
Recommended solutions

Sexism, also known as gender discrimination or sex discrimination, is defined as prejudice or discrimination based on sex; Sexism is a form of discrimination or devaluation based on a person‘s sex, with such attitudes being based on beliefs in traditional stereotypes of different roles of the sexes. It refers to the belief and attitude that one gender is inferior to, less incompetent, or less valuable than the other gender.Sex bias letting a person's sex unfairly become a factor when deciding who receives a job,promotion or other employment benefit.
Now we focus on the case"No Way To Treat A Lady".A woman named Melissa J Howard worked at Wal-mart in Indiana for a long time with a very outstanding achievement.However,she found that there were two newly-coming male co-managers at the store was gaining 85,000 salary and bonus which are 15,000 higher than her counterpart.Even they had no work experience at Wal-mart at all.Howard felt it unfair and complained to higher-ups,but got no results.Finally,she found it useless for how severe unfair treatment she underwent while her boss pressured her to take a demotion to co-manager at a store 60 miles away.In addition to Howard 's experience,hundreds of other women who suffered from similar unfair treatment went to the court and the judge accept the trial either.Unfortunately,the law professor in UC,is down on this case.She said it may never make it to trial,and Wal-mart will face great pressure from the stock market or moral aspect,but no actual damage award coming out of the federal court system.Given the current situation,we have no alternative but to explore the causes of gender discrimination,
According ti the case,...

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