Sex in Nothern Ireland

Sex in Nothern Ireland

Brian Connolly
History 301
Professor Stewart
February 25, 2009

Ten Men Dead; By David Beresford,M1

This book documents the Republican movement in Northern Ireland. It includes interviews of ex-prisoners, family members, people in Government, clergymen and many other people close to the republican movement.

This document focuses on the 10 men who died in Long Kesh prison on hung strike in 1981. This document focuses very closely on the Republican cause for a United Ireland. This use of primary documents is prevalent in this book, but seems to solely focus on a Republican point of view and not a Loyalist point of view.

Biting at the Grave; By Padraig O'Malley
Central to the Analects is the virtue of Jen, often translated as humanity, good, or reciprocity. Tao, another key concept in the work, refers to the way that individuals, families, and governments should conduct themselves in the world, while Li involves the performance of rites, ceremonies, and group activities that foster a connection with the world beyond the everyday. Confucius's teaching method stressed independent thinking on the part of his students and he strove to define concepts in an abstract, universal manner that could be applied to different cultures. As a result, his philosophical principles in the Analects are not precisely defined, evoking diverse and sometimes conflicting interpretations. For example, the Analects's emphasis on discipline, duty, and etiquette has been used by some political leaders at times to justify dictatorial rule, whereas Confucius's view of the state was that is should serve the people.

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