Sex Is Everywhere

Sex Is Everywhere

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Promiscuity in Today’s Youth
Misty Rowlett
PHI107 Philosophy of Human Conduct
Dr. Eszter Barra-Johnson
October 25, 2010
Ashford University

Today’s youth is being thoroughly corrupted just by us living in our society and accepting the way that it is. Teen pregnancy has dropped in the last 30 years, but is still higher than any other country. Why are girls allowed to dress like grown women? Especially, when it allows men to look at them the way they would a woman. We spend tons of money on preventing teen pregnancy and lowering teen sex period, but are in constant battle with everything else to teach teens that sex is not the only thing that matters, it is not what should empower you, and at a teen’s age it can cause a lot more problems than a child can even begin to comprehend. It is unfixable only because it has to matter to everyone, and people lead themselves blindly into whatever is popular.

Promiscuity in Today’s Youth
By Misty Rowlett

Girls: In the beginning
As little girls, we all begin by playing with our cute little baby dolls. Pretending to be mommies, because of course, that is who we adore. Then we move on to Barbie dolls. Barbie and all of her friends are of course beautiful in all of their plastic perfection. She has everything a girl could dream of, and a very handsome boyfriend. Let us stop there, and think about the ideas that get put into our heads as soon as we start playing with our toys. We learn how to be mommies by feeding our babies and taking them everywhere we go. Yeah, we grow out of playing with them, but does the idea stick? Then from playing with our Barbie dolls we learn that you have to look just like one of them to perfect. The lessons we get from just our dolls are exactly what society has been pushing on women for forever!
Girls and their clothes
Just like we learned from Barbie, clothes are everything! She had everything from workout clothes to evening dresses, and oh! All the...

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