Sexual Behaviors

Sexual Behaviors

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Lying is a very common thing among people even though it is morally and religiously wrong to do so. Both men and women lie many times in their lives for a purpose; to save face, to guide social interaction, and to affect relationships .Women may have evolved to lie about their sexual partners since society prefers women with less experience. The women who report fewer partners attract more men. To test women in their habits of less reporting the number of their sexual partners, a researcher called Terri Fisher did an experiment on this. The researcher made an experiment that compared two stereotypes of men and women; women being overly sensitive to the expectations of society, and men who exaggerate about their love lives (Terri, 2009). According to the results, women told less number of sexual partners that they actually had, which was the expected result from the researchers. Men, on the other hand, turned out to be more honest than what the researchers expected; they confessed the precise number of sexual partners instead of over-reporting it. This result raises the question, “Why would women lie so much about the number of their sexual partners when men are honest about their sexual partners?”

All species exist for two main reasons “to reproduce and survive”. Men’s job is to find the accessible, fertile, minimum long term investment”(Buss and Schmit, 1993)--in another words, men look for the best potential women to mate with and to invest resources so that his genes will be properly passed on to next generations. For this reason, men would consider women having less sexual partner as one of the good indications of being potential mate. Women will have to lie about their sexual partners to make them seem to guys as better potential mates for long term relationship since the women are fighting for the best mates among themselves (Benz, Anderson, and Miller 2005). As men would go for women who say that they have little...

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