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This is Chapter 66 of "Today is Your Day to Win"
                       by Mike Brescia

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Chapter 66 of 'Today Is Your Day To Win'

You Can Control Your Habits

Today's Empowering Quote 

"We're worn into grooves by Time--by our habits.  In the
end,these grooves are going to show whether we've been
second rate or champions, each in his way in dispatching the
affairs of every day.  By choosing our habits, we determine
the grooves into which Time will wear us; and these are
grooves that enrich our lives and make for ease of mind,
peace, happiness--achievement."
       -Frank B. Gilberth

Today's Empowering Question 

"What thoughts do I have that continuously drive me into
taking the actions that keep me down?"

Today's Fast Session 

You can't possibly make a positive change in your life if
you don't know how it is that you make the mistakes in the
first place--the habits that confine you to making the same
mistakes over and over.

...And over.

I can appreciate how frustrating it is to be imprisoned to
running the same old patterns--only to get the same rotten
results.  I was a living, breathing example of the power of
bad habits.

No one type of person is immune to the power of habits.
The other day I was reading about some of the tightwad
habits of a few famous, and wealthy, people...

For example, Clarke Gable used to argue regularly with his
grocer about the price of...