Shabrina Nabila Nugroho

Shabrina Nabila Nugroho

Shabrina Nabila Nugroho

Location SHY Papilion

Shabrina Nabila Nugroho is an energetic, confident, beautiful, lively, crazy, caring and heavy. She is also heavy in terms of weight and many other things. She is not high maintenance, but she really is caring as she is paying for the 273 hundred thousand rupiah Salmon dish we are consuming right now at Shy. “I feel that I am part of Jakarta’s filthily wild yet poised and glamorous social circle even though I am not trying that hard to be part of the inner circle but it just happens because people love me just the way I am.” Astounded by her direct but not so modest response (we don’t give a damn), we ask her, “Do you just glide through or take your gloves off and scourge the earth as you climb your way to the top of the social ladder?”
“Nope. I accept everything and I am not in the creeks of the social light of Jakarta, I know people there. And have connections. Why be bad to them? We only have different lives and fates. It’s not like they’re trying to destroy my status. To be honest, those people are just having fun with their life but many are ‘jealous’ of the glamorous and prestigious and high-end lifestyle and that leads us to envy. Then, we go trash about them on blogs.”
“Do you shop downstairs often?”
Not really because I prefer to look for more boutiques for a wider variety of shops.

Celia Caesandrika Twindyakirana

Location Cilantro BNI 46

The different varieties of dim sum represent the personality of Celia Caesandrika Twindyakirana. Though she is not very fired up about the dishes served, the deep red sauce bathed upon the chicken’s feet reflects her thickened love for Liverpool football club. The rosy shy pink of the (continue)

How deep is your love for Liverpool FC?

Very, very deep. I feel my love for Liverpool is like love at first sight. The first second I saw them play, I instantly feel in love with them. And now, I feel that my heart and Liverpool FC cannot be...

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