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American Ethnic Studies Introduction Class 160

Course Description: (Reference Number 16150)

The Introduction to American Ethnic Studies course will provide you with a context for exploring many of the dynamics of race and ethnicity in the U.S. and select countries. In addition, a socio-historical framework will be used to help you understand racial and ethnic relations between the major domestic groups, i.e. Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

Required Course Textbook:

Feagin, Joe & Feagin, Clairece (2007). Racial and Ethnic Relations. Eighth Editions. Upper Saddle New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

(Success in this class will depend on your ability to understand and stay current in the reading of this textbook.)

Instructional Objectives:

You will be expected to:

1) learn and apply key concepts related to race and ethnicity issues.
2) have a historical understanding of the major ethnic groups in the U.S. and some of the social, political, and economic issues facing each group.
3) be able to critically analyze your own ethnic or cultural experiences in contrast to that of other ethnic groups.

Student Learning Outcomes:

(1) Knowledge: You will be expected to demonstrate an awareness and

understanding of what will be required to live and work in a diverse world


(a) acquiring knowledge of diverse ethnic groups.

(b) understanding how race and ethnic relations are shaped by economic,

political and historical realities as well as changing demographics.

(c) understanding the impact of ethnicity and its influence on group and

individual identity development.

(2) Personal Attributes: You will be expected to acquire the traits needed to live

and work in a diverse world by:

(a) empathizing...