Share Jesus Witioot Fear Book Critique

Share Jesus Witioot Fear Book Critique

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Liberty Theological Seminary

Share Jesus Without Fear
Book Critique

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. Mark Traeger.
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course
EVAN 565

Authors Information

William Fay

William Fay is a graduate of Denver Seminary, and has shared his faith with more than twenty-five thousand people on a one to one basis. He has taught his no argument approach to evangelism around the world prompting 30 to 100 percent of his listeners to share there faith within the following week.

Linda Evans Shepherd

Linda Evans Shepherd is an award-winning author who has written many books. She is also a nationally known public speaker, and part of the National Speakers Association

Content Summary

Share Jesus Without Fear is a wonderful book that inspires, encourages, and equips its readers to share there faith without fear in a simple, practical, and fail proof. way.
Starting with the latter author William Fay describes his method as fail proof. How can he say that? Well Fay puts much of this method of evangelizing
in the sovereignty of God. He begins by telling us his story, his resume as a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, a criminal with ties to the mob and all (Fay, p.1). Through the Holy Spirit in many witnessing attempts Fay went from a proud, egotistical man. To a broken mess, and repentant sinner, To a child of God.
Fay states that the success in sharing your faith doses not come from how many converts you can claim. But success in sharing your faith has everything to do with your obedience towards God.
Fay emphasizes this point when he explains that even if you do not have the privilege of leading someone to the knowledge of the savior you have not failed. Fay continues with great encouragement stating that it is not your job to save people. But that if you have witnessed you are a success because you have been obedient (Fay, p.3).

In chapter...

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