Shark Wars: In to the Abyss

Shark Wars: In to the Abyss

6th Grade Book Summary
Title: Shark Wars: Into the Abyss
Author: E.J. Altbacker

When and where the story takes place:
The setting of the story is the abyss. The whole story takes place there. It is deep in the ocean. It also takes place in present day.

Describe the main characters. Include what they look like, personality and how old they are.
There are three main characters: Gray, Barkley and Finnivus. Gray is a megalodon and is a brave strong leader. Barkley is a dogfish, and his personality traits are brave, small, quick thinker. Finnivus is a tiger shark, and he is a young power hungry protagonist.

What is the main problem of the story:
The main problem in the book is that Finnivus is back trying to take over the big blue. Nobody can stop his armada from taking over.

How was the problem solved?
The problem was solved by a huge war between Gray’s army and Finnivus’ army. Gray and his army trained hard for this battle. At the end of the battle Finnivus was killed.

What happened at the end of the book?
At the end of the book Finnivus’ kingdom was set free. Most of them joined Gray and his friends for the next adventure.

I recommend this story to boys ages 10+. It is World War II underwater. Gray and his shark friends have defeated the maniac emperor Finnivus and his shark army, but Finnivus is still plotting revenge. He is the ruler who eats the heads of every shark he conquers and he wants Gray’s head. When Finnivus’s gang of soldier fish strik, Gray and his friends suffer big loses. With everyone gone there’s no one left to lead, so Gray leads the army into a war of a lifetime. The safety of all the fish in the ocean depends on Gray. You will never lose interest and will never want to stop reading this story.

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