Sheffields Theatre Trust

Sheffields Theatre Trust

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In this report the Sheffield Theatres Trust Case is described. After reading the case, we made a summary of the case, and after discussing this we have made a problem statement. To be sure that everything about STT is in this report, we have also made some sub questions.

Problem statement.
“What was the strategy of the Sheffield Theatres in the past, and how can this or another strategy develop in the future?”

Sub questions.
1. Describe the history of STT, looking at the changes and the most important decisions. (including the strategic processes and strategic lenses.)
2. How can the strategic capability of the Sheffield Theatres Trust be described?
3. What shows the analysis of the Sheffield Theatres Trust’s environments?
4. What are the expectations and the purposes (including the stakeholders)?
5. Make an SWOT-Analysis of STT.
5. Describe at least 5 alternative courses of action for the Sheffield Theatres Trust.
6. Which two courses of action are the best; describe why?
7. How and when can the Sheffield Theatres Trust implement those actions.

After answering the sub questions we hope we can answer also the problem statement in a conclusion.

Leeuwarden, 7 May 2009

1. The main idea of the case

This case is given an overview from the history from Sheffield Theatres Trust. The case will explain what kind of strategies and resources the organisation have and through what kind of changes and development STT have been. The main idea of this case is to see how an organisation can develop and how they use their strategies and resources.

1.1 Summary of the Sheffield Theatres Trust Case

There are two theatres in Sheffield (UK) called the Crucible and the Lyceum. The Crucible has been there for 34 yrs (since 1971) and has gone through a lot of changes, especially with how it generates funding. In 1990 an organization took over the running of the Lyceum as well. This Theatre organization has two main objectives: To service...

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