Global Economics
Over the next few weeks grade 11 Economics will be exploring Globalization. Globalization is the process and integration of economics, political, and social systems across the globe. It provides the opportunity for countries to share goods, services, labor, and capital (investments) with other countries. This allows businesses to have a greater and larger market that not only reaches local or national consumers, but a worldwide market.

Week 1: What is Globalization?

Week 2: Presentations of countries and their economic, political, and social systems.

Week 3: What is the role and influence that countries have on the global market?

Assignment 1: 5 page typed paper using APA format, with citations. Define globalization and its trends. Discuss implications of globalization possibly including: industry sweatshops, child labor, out sourcing, job lose, job gain, global warming, pollution, national security. Explain why globalization is good or bad? Advocate or debate polices to deal with these issues.

Assignment 2: 2 person Group Project. Groups will pick a country to present a power point presentation on. Groups will have to submit country for approval before beginning. Please type a 1/2 page stating the country your group has chosen and explain why. Once your group’s country has been approved you can begin your research and PowerPoint. A bibliography and citations will be required in the PowerPoint. At least 15 slides should be used for a minimum of a 20-minute presentation. Have fun and be creative with this project, use pictures, graphs/charts, multi-media. The topics listed blow are the minimum that should be covered during the presentation:

• The Country your group has chosen and why.

• Brief history

• Culture, languages, religions

• The countries current economic/ political system and ideologies

• Population

• Average annual population growth in urban and rural areas

• Life...

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