Shipbreaking Industry in Bangladesh

Shipbreaking Industry in Bangladesh

June 21, 2011

Mr.Kaushik Prashad Pathak
Lecturer, Department of Marketing,
Faculty of Business Studies,
Jagannath University,

Subject: Prayer for the submission of case analysis on “Countries specific advantage in ship breaking industry: Bangladesh perspective”.

Dear Sir,

We submit here the case analysis of “International Business” on “countries specific advantage in ship breaking industry: Bangladesh perspective” as the group assignment that you assigned us to work on fixing the date of submission on June21, 2011.

The topic that you have given us is really important & interesting fact for the marketing students with the textual studies acquiring practical knowledge of which you have created a big chance that will help us to work with efficiency.

We thank you for choosing us for working on this topic.

Yours Sincerely,

Members of “Grecian Urn”
Batch: 3rd
Session: 2008-09

Table of Content

|Serial No. |Particular |Page No. |
|01. |Overall Idea about ‘Shipbreaking Industry |01 - 14 |
|02. |Contribution of Ship Breaking Industry in our national Economy: |14-16 |
|03. |SWOT and PEST Analysis |16-17 |
|04. |Major players of Ship Breaking Industry |17 |
|05. |Porter’s Five Forces Model |18-19 |
|06. |Porter’s Diamond Model |19-22 |

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