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On the 19th of February 2008, Sharq Market Waterfront opened its doors to the year 9 students of Kuwait English School for our Geography field trip.

The large, well-designed Sharq market was opened on September 1998. Since then, Sharq Market has become one of the areas most successful shopping destinations, impressing people from around the world. Located in the historic Sharq area of Kuwait, this eye-catching traditional yet, modern style building is reflected by a marina which makes it a perfect setting for visitors to enjoy one of the many cafes. The building is surrounded on all sides by walkways that follow the gentle curves of the shore line.

Visitors at Sharq Market can enjoy a choice of purchasing the latest fashion and accessories at over 100 world class brand stores, dine at one of 28 international restaurants, catch a movie at one of three state of the art cinemas as well as buying your house hold needs at The Sultan Center, the malls supermarket.

Kuwait’s shopping centers have everything from a multitude of novel and high-quality designer brands to excellently built reasonable alternatives. Watches and jewelry, for example, range from Cartier, Rolex, and Chopard to lesser-known brands with a similar look for as little as half the price. For clothing, household goods and gift items sales occur in May and November. It is well worth doing comparison shopping to discover good deals.

Kuwait imports goods from Europe, America, and Asia, and the quality and prices range from very low to exorbitant from area to area and store to store. For example, you will find moderately priced items in Hawally on Tunis Street or in Al-Othman Complex, and at Al-Muthanna in the city; shoes and handbags start as low as KD10 and go up to well over KD100.

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