short story

short story

Here are some quick tips on how to write a good short story:

Start quickly--no long introductions
Use only a few characters--keep the reader's attention focused
Keep the plot short--start as near the end as you can and don't add too many complications
Keep the time period brief--it is a short story, not an epic poem
Develop a theme for the story--to connect all of the parts and actions
A short story, like most writing, needs to use the best English possible. WhiteSmoke's English grammar and spell check will help you edit your story when it's done. Use the unique writing enhancement feature to suggest words while you are writing the short story, as well. Its online dictionary will assure that you use just the word you mean to use, and the thesaurus software (a powerful synonym dictionary) will help you find a better word when you're not satisfied with your first choice.
WhiteSmoke software will help you start with a bang and keep going at a great pace, allowing you to concentrate on the story as it assists you with language. It's like having an online writing tutor at your side, or a professional editor advising you at each step.

Around three main characters are enough for writing a short story because too many distract the reader.
Don't provide overly detailed background for your characters--only give what is necessary. Let actions and dialogues reveal the character more than long descriptions, let the character's choice of place or activity show the character, not a long psychological analysis by the narrator.

For the character to be three-dimensional, so you will need to know more about the character than your readers, but you won't reveal everything you know. Imagining such details helps a writer reveal the character, but the reader probably won't need to know much more than a few brief descriptions that flow with the story. It is far better to show your character through speech, actions, and thoughts than to tell readers...

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