Should Cannabis Be Legalised ?

Should Cannabis Be Legalised ?

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Should Cannabis Be Legalised

Nowadays most of young people use some type of rug despite the fact they are illegal they find them at parties discos bars where they can grab hold of them very easily the most popular in our country is Cannabis I am going to right about it . But first let me define what cannabis is , Cannabis is a class C Drug it had been brought down from Class B in 2006. Cannabis is a Indian hemp plant whom which is used for pleasure giving effects it may have hallucinogenic effects and this leads in to our question of this essay should cannabis be Leaglised in the UK ?

Reasons Why Cannabis Should Be Leaglised ;
 Chemicals Found in the plant can relieve pain in people suffering from illnesses like multiple sclerosis and arthritis . Also may be used in chemotherapy treatment used in cancer patients to prevent some highly stressful side effects ( Nausea , Vomiting)
 Cannabis is often contaminated with some toxic components which may cause more then harm than the substance itself . A legal supply would be pure and therefore safer
 Countries witch have experimented with decriminalization have not encountered massive increases in use . there are some people which use the drug basically because they are illegal dangerous and exiting
 Alcohol and tobacco consumptions would decrease . Cannabis causes people to be calm and Peaceful , unlike alcohol which often Leads to violence .
 There is no evidence that cannabis use itself causes the use of harder drugs . All the evidence suggests the cause is a personality type .

Reasons Against leaglisation of cannabis

 All drugs use some dangers , there is no need for anyone to risk their health .Risk of bronchitis and respiratory diseases lung cancer.
 Loss of inhibitions which may increase risk taking behavior. This may lead to a person saying or doing something the would not normally do or taking risk which may put them in danger .
 Legalization could make cannabis socially...

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