Should Further Industrialization Be Encouraged?

Should Further Industrialization Be Encouraged?

Should further industrialization be encouraged?
Hello, Dear Friend,

it's great to have you here! My name is Caspar and I would like to welcome you to my webpage on how to tie a tie.

You know, I created this site for people just like you:

the working professional who switched jobs recently and needs to wear a tie now but doesn't know how to tie it,
the college graduate figuring how to tie a tie before that first job interview,
the high school senior needing immediate advice on tying ties before leaving for the prom,
and the increasing number of women who are interested in learning how to tie a tie simply for the fun of it or because dad is out of town.
Assuming no previous knowledge on your part, I will be using colored and easy-to-follow diagrams as well as simple step-by-step instructions to help you on your way to become a real master at tying ties in no time. That way, learning how to tie a tie will be fun and about as easy as coloring by numbers!

All I ask of you as my guest is an open mind and a few minutes of your time to practice today. It would now be helpful if you had a tie at hand and a mirror nearby so that we can "dig right on in".

I recommend that we begin with the Windsor Knot, one of the easiest tie knots to learn, before trying the Half Windsor Knot, the Four in Hand Knot and the Pratt Knot -- each and everyone being the best-suited knot for a certain type of shirt collar.

Enjoy your visit to!

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