Should Old People Be Allowed to Drive

Should Old People Be Allowed to Drive

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Should old people be allowed to drive?

In this study I am going to investigate the question: should old people be allowed to drive, I will collect useful, relevant and detailed data from 3 different sources which are as follows; - OCR resource pack, Text books and Internet. In my research I am going to divide my report into two sections one half is going to be about me agreeing on if old people should be allowed to drive. On the other hand I would be writing about how I disagree with the whole issue. The pictures that are labelled below are a result of the affects of the eye by driving. I also added the graphs i collected for my research which gives us the answer of the overall report. At the end I am going to sum the whole idea up and write the overall opinion.

OCR Resource Pack Information

In my reference of the OCR resource pack I found out that there was a shocking death which included a girl getting killed by a car who was an 84 year old man, he apparently received a clean bill of health only months before this accident, After he got to serve 15 month sentence in the jail. This showed me that old people can`t react quickly because an eyewitness said that “I don`t know how the old guy didn`t see her until the last minute. He took so long to brake.”

Another reference that I found from the OCR resource pack was that a road worker got killed by an older driver who failed to see him under a bridge, which made the road darker by the shadow of the bridge. A doctor said “The older driver’s eyes cannot adjust quickly to changes in light levels, this means that they are effectively blind in areas of shadow. “

These references show me that they should not be allowed to drive because as a graph the average is high and there are more fatal crashes which show me that they shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Also I found out that there reaction time is very slow this is affected by crashes. As well as this the hearing and eyesight gets worse as the age increases...

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