Should Parents Held Responsible for Their Childrens Actions

Should Parents Held Responsible for Their Childrens Actions

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In today's society, are we holding are children accountable? Where are all the nice kids? Do kids know right from wrong and who should be teaching them? Society holds the parents responsible for the children's actions, but shouldn't children be punished as well?
Children copy what they see. If no one tells them "no" then they will think it is okay to act in a certain manner. If you see or hear children being mean do you do anything about it? If you don't who does? Are you the child's parent, guardian, teacher, or principal?

Today's society is quick to judge the parents. Parents may start how their children act but society actually feeds the child's behavior. For example, a parent of a child who is not in school and is not in preschool or day care is the only example the child has to mimic. The parent is the one that should be judged how that child acts. As the child gets older and goes to school who do we blame for the child's actions? Is or should the child held accountable for their behavior?

If a child is in daycare, preschool, or regular school the child has mentors parents don't even know about. A child will copy what other children do especially to fit in with the other children. Is this the parents' fault the child acts a certain way if the child is doing what society is teaching the child?

For example, my daughter goes to Collins Rhodes Elementary School in Eight Mile, Alabama. She started acting differently. I questioned her and have been talking with her about the proper way to act. After taking several trips to the school and going inside to drop her off in the morning or pick her up in the evening, I completely understand why she is acting the way she is. She is acting how she sees other children act. I try to explain that just because other people do something doesn't mean it is the right thing to do.

I walked through one hallway just to see two children beating the snot out of each other. I have never seen kindergartners or first...

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