Should the Hong Kong government impose food waste charges for daily household food waste?

Should the Hong Kong government impose food waste charges for daily household food waste?

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Have you ever imagined that you should pay for food waste? You may think that it is very normal to have leftovers every meal. However, have you thought of their impact on Hong Kong? According to the sources from the Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong produces about 3 tons of food waste a day, accounting for about one-third the amount of municipal solid waste. Does that sound terrible? Since the problem is getting serious, the government has proposed a new policy - Food Waste Charges. The aim of it plan is to implement ''waste reduction at source'', to improve the environment of Hong Kong. Personally, I don’t support the policy totally.

Firstly, the plan can effectively reduce the amount of food waste, improve the environment and the air quality. Since most of food waste is organic waste, it is very perishable. The disposal of in the landfills will produce large amount of greenhouse gases like methane and causes water pollution and imposes a serious impact on the environment. If this plan is implemented, it will bring along an economic incentive, urging the public to reduce the production of food waste. Many countries have implemented the food waste charges and they have a very good feedback on reducing the food waste. For example, Taiwan has implemented this plan for over a decade and successfully reduced by more than 60% of solid waste. South Korea also achieved the same impact. This prove that food waste charges will help to reduce waste.

Secondly, this plan can make the public realize the importance of cherishing food. In daily life, it’s common for everyone to have three meals every day but it some cases there are people, especially in developing countries that are not affluent enough to have 3 meals daily or even enough food for each meal. However, there are many people who are wealthy enough to waste food every day. In our world, there are around 36 580 000 tons of food wasted every single day. There are lots of people in many...

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