Should the Olympic Games Be Boycotted?

Should the Olympic Games Be Boycotted?

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boycott or not – is China fit to host the Olympics? By Ruth Oslington aged 13

Why on earth would we boycott the games – a tradition that is never broken except under extreme circumstances? Only an idiot would waste our recourses in such a stupid way! When Australia has spent so much time and effort preparing for the games, why would we pull out at the last minute. bad reputation for other countries. It would be unfair on the athletes and their families. The other question is whether it would be fair to China to do this to them – we want to be as friendly as possible to attempt to earn ourselves a good worldwide reputation.

Even though continuing the games is certainly the more sensible option, some people are still saying that we should boycott the games because we need to respond to China’s policies, or that Australia wants to stand out and stop the human rights issues. Others say that this would be “easy” to change these human rights issues…

These reasons are not legitimate because China’s poor human rights record has absolutely nothing to do with us. Even if we do boycott, it is very unlikely that China would change their policies. Why would we do such a big, life changing action to respond to issues that we don’t even know are true and not have any reason to assume that it would change China’s policies?

All this “boycott” rubbish is ridicules! We need to trash this stupid idea and continue a tradition that has been kemp for thousands of years…..

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