Should the U.S. Attack the Syria

Should the U.S. Attack the Syria

Barbara minier September.20.2013

Should the U.S attack the Syria?

They first started with the arguments on Aug 21 about the attack but my opinion is No I don’t think the U.S should attack the Syria because first we have to handle what’s going on now . Meaning what going on in the world like violate and people killing each other. Plus they all don’t actually know who’s behind the chemical weapon attack? Second I think it will violate the law meaning if they do fight each other the military will strike it as illegal. Last they have to think about the people that are around like the kids.

The U.S don’t know actually who’s behind the weapon meaning who’s the one that going to attack them. Meanwhile the weapons were inspectors from the united nation they were on the ground investigating evidence of chemical weapon. The Syria also had attack employ for there weapons , they had killed around 1,000 people with the gas attack. Nearly 4,500 American servicemen and women died to create a democracy in that Middle Eastern country.

It will also violate the law and it will be a strike with the military because the U.S military can only be carried out by an act of congress, but unless there is a national emergency created by a direct attack upon the united states . But if it was a true emergency, the congress could be called into session to pass a declaration of war "There is no provision in the Constitution or the War Powers Resolution for a 'recess war,'".

They all should think about the kids that around us because they don’t know anything that going on and there are a lot of them getting kill and they leaving them on the sidewalk and keep on attack they should all stop mother crying because they had lost there little kid. I feel bad because the kids don’t know what going on around and them seeing guns and stuff its scary . “ About 355 kid had died over the gas attack”.
So these are my reason...

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