Should Universities Accept Equal Number of Boy and Girl in Each Subject

Should Universities Accept Equal Number of Boy and Girl in Each Subject

Nowadays education is very important either for men and women. However, because of personal preference different universities have different coefficient of male and female students. Therefore, from my point of view, the whole idea about any allowances based on person’s gender is absolutely wrong and unfair especially if it is supposed to be applied to university education. Only academic issues like assessment of knowledge which students have should be considered in this case.

There are some fields of study which are considered to be more appropriate for people of particular gender, for example usually men are more interested in engineering sciences. Although number of female students in technical universities in the recent years tends to grow, dominance of male students still exists. Therefore it would be almost impossible to support equal parts of male and female students in every subject there.

Moreover structure of university education often allows students to choose the subjects which they want to study and it would be unfair, in my opinion, to discard the student’ desire only because of his or her gender. Only assessment of knowledge related with this particular subject should be taken into account to select students who will be accepted to study the subject.

To sum up, I would say that it is obvious that there are no reasons to justify the control of numbers of male and female students in the university and actually it is almost impossible to do because it might destroy the structure of university educational system.

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