Should We Spend Billions on Space

Should We Spend Billions on Space

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Although outer space exploration provides us unprecedented knowledge that can change our way of life, I still believe that it is much more important to spend money for basic needs on earth than it is to spend much on inexpedient project like outer space exploration. While many social and environmental problems are unsolved, the notion of spending as much as possible exploring outer space remains superfluous.

To human beings, space exploration is not only captivating but also useful. It helps us to predict potential threatening phenomena such as asteroid strikes and black holes. Furthermore, space research provides us a lot of knowledge. With those reasons, spending as much as possible exploring outer space sounds quite rational, but in contemporary world, if we look at another aspect, people’s basic needs, we will perceive that those needs should be the government's top priority.

While somebody is curiously looking at very far stars, on this earth, somewhere that is very near us, people may still not have any hospitals or schools. Some poor people live where they do not have access to the essential resources for survival. With the huge cost for outer space exploration, governments can help thousands of people overcome bad situations efficiently. Once societies have benefited from the spending of governments, social improvements will lead to the economic growth, the development of many countries, and lots of other benefits. Without economic improvement, I wonder how scientists get larger budgets to do their so-called "appealing" research on outer space.

Obviously, not every issue related to social problems has been examined; what I leave for further understanding is your very own perceptions. I personally cannot deny profits that outer space exploration provides; however, a human has something more important than earning knowledge; it is humaneness, it is the care of each other. With everything I have discussed above, I undoubtedly support the notion of...

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