should you eat salt

should you eat salt

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The issue with uniforms in public schools has made a lot of discussion in the recent years. Some think that uniforms may reduce negative conduct that is connected to student dress such as school violence, absenteeism, bullying and gang related activities. The main argument that opponents are advancing is that uniforms get in the way of students right to choose the way they want to dress, violating their right to speech. Public schools have always had policies on dress code, there is a need to evaluate whether uniforms in public schools have any significance.

Body Part 1
II. Counterclaim : would having uniforms change the thought of teens ?
A. Present counter point A :If schools made them wear uniforms, children and teens would be less focused on appearance and more on learning
B. Refute counter point A (MLA citation here) : Uniforms are not at all cheap and some people cant afford to buy them every year.

C. Present counter point B : some kids will think they are just like everyone else and cant express theirself
D. Refute counter point B (MLA citation here) : The First Amendment to the United States Constitution gives every individual the right to express himself freely but by wearing school uniforms it takes away this right.

Body Part 2
III. Claim : School uniforms could be a problem of someone expressing who they are .
A. Present point A : school uniforms will take away students right to express theirselves.
B. Support point A : when we wear uniforms its not who we want to be .
(MLA citation here)

C. Present point B : We have to think about if we wore the same color shirt the day before.
D. Support point B : it happens to me all the time
(MLA citation here)

IV. Conclusion
I think that schools shouldn't have uniforms because it takes away students and teens to show their personality. If the students have to wear uniforms, they are being told what to wear by...

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