Shouldice Case Study

Shouldice Case Study

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Shouldice case study

Shouldice Case Study (Operations Management)
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Shouldice Case Study (Operations Management)

Increased capacity- The problem here is that the institution is facing the paradox of change. Shouldice Hospital is currently operating at the highest level while still providing quality care to its patients. The hospital is not in a position to meet the demand for this specific market niche. They should add additional capacity in order to meet the needs of the patients they cannot admit due to overcrowding and to meet the growing demand for their treatment. Not being in a position to meet market demand is likely to invite competition which might cause the hospital to lose its market share and then come into problems with meeting their patients need due to the increase in capacity. The need for increasing capacity has been identified by the hospital however it has not been in a position to numerically identify that demand. The question asked is whether the expected increase is at 20% or double. Shouldice should forecast their demand for their long term program and use that to figure out how much capacity the hospiatal needs to increase by. The hospital also mentioned the intention of adding Saturdays, adding new facility at another location or adding floor space within Toronto. The administration and operations management teams should ascertain a per-patient total to be able to come up with the right course of action required to meet their growing demand. They should also take into consideration the desired annual growth.
The other problem is the role of the government. For example, if the solution to the problem of capacity needs is the expansion of the location in Toronto or a new branch in another area, the hospital must be in a position to understand the regulations requirements that surrounds the building codes and laws of that area. The other potential they should consider is the site in the United...

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