SHRM report

SHRM report

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Chapter two

Strategic human
resource management
John Bratton

Strategic human resource management is the process of linking
the human resource function with the strategic objectives of the
organization in order to improve performance.
‘If a global company is to function successfully, strategies at different levels need to inter-relate.’ 1
‘An organization’s [human resource management] policies and practices must fit with its strategy
in its competitive environment and with the immediate business conditions that it faces.’ 2
‘The [human resources–business strategy] alignment cannot necessarily be
characterized in the logical and sequential way suggested by some writers; rather,
the design of an HR system is a complex and iterative process.’ 3

Chapter outline
Introduction p.38
Strategic management p.38
Strategic human resource
management p.45
Human resource strategy models p.49
Evaluating strategic human resource
management and models of human
resources strategy p.56

Dimensions of strategic human
resource management p.59
International and comparative
strategic human resource
management p.61

Chapter objectives
After studying this chapter, you should be able to:
1. Explain the meaning of strategic management and give an overview of its conceptual
2. Describe the three levels of strategy formulation and comment on the links between
business strategy and human resource management (HRM)
3. Explain three models of human resources (HR) strategy: control, resource and integrative
4. Comment on the various strategic HRM themes of the HR–performance link:
re-engineering, leadership, work-based learning and trade unions
5. Outline some key aspects of international and comparative HRM


Human Resource Management

In the first chapter, we examined the theoretical debate on the nature and significance
of the human resource management (HRM) model; in this chapter we explore an
approach to HRM...

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