Shylock Mechant of Venice

Shylock Mechant of Venice

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An interesting character in the play “Merchant Of Venice” by Shakespeare is Shylock. Shylock is a successful Jewish moneylender. He’s an interesting character in the play because he is a character that people are debating about. On one hand he is described as the Stereotypical evil Jewish and on the other hand there are good sides to him. The meaning why Shakespeare had created Shylock this character also made him very interesting.

Normally, the first impression of Shylock is an evil Jewish. First is because of his dislikes of Antonio. “I hate him for he is a Christian” He is hated and ashamed of by his own daughter. On the other hand, Antonio seems like the perfect Christian and very nice to his friend and lending money for no interest. In contrast, this makes Shylock looks even worst.

Then the good side of Shylock comes up while you read on. Antonio is very nice to his Christian friends but he is actually the one who treats Shylock very bad first. “You spet on me on Wednesday last; You spurn’d me such a day; another time .You call’d me dog” But after all this, Shylock still lend the money to Bassanio, this shows Shylock is actually a very nice person. While all other main characters in this romance comedy are having a happy ending. Shylock got his ducats all taken, betrayed by his daughter and even got forced to give up his own religion and become a Christian whom he hates. From readers’ point of view sympathy is created because of all the unfair treatment. Although he’s treated so unfairly and so despised by everyone, in the court, Shylock is still brave enough to give the powerful speech. “I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? ……If you poison us, do we not die?”

The meaning why Shakespeare had created Shylock this character is still very debatable. Some thinks he’s created because Shakespeare’s prejudice towards Jewish and the others think Shakespeare are highlighting the position the Jews are in at the society in the Middle Ages and hopes to do...

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