Writing Assignment #2 Cultural Analysis Siahkoohi 101

Examine the way television demonstrates the truth of Loa-tzu’s contention that “there is no disaster greater than not being content.”

The main idea is to explore and explain an aspect of our culture, to comment on the way we live and relate to each other and the world. How is it possible to be content being the victims of television? What is the result of television’s success in making people discontented? To accomplish this task, consider the characters in the television programs that you have watched. In what ways are the characters real and in what ways do they seem to be stereotypes or caricatures? How do these elements contribute to our discontentment?

Consider: Do the characters have real emotions—and a full range of emotions? Or do they just have the emotions that are politically correct for the time and place that the programs consider? Are their emotions predictable? Do they look like real people, or like models and pin-ups? Is their hair ever mussed? Do they get dirty? Does anyone ever go to the bathroom? Do they ever get sick? Do they grow at a normal rate? What type of language is used? How is it used? Why? The next step is to watch the show and take extensive notes. You do not need to answer all of these questions; however, these may provide “food for thought.”

Through writing the Analysis Essay, it will be evident how much time and interaction you employed towards questioning with regard to:

1) What information is given
2) How the information is presented
3) Why, Why, Why this information is supplied in the manner in which it is.

Think of this three-part method of interaction as the basis for analysis-the absence of one part indicates that you have NOT fulfilled the basic requirements of analysis. For example, it is not enough to 1) summarize, (do not assume that your audience is familiar with the show), paraphrase what a show...