Global Key Account Management at Siemens
Group Assignment – Discussion questions
prof. Marco Aurelio Sisti

Since the mid-1990s global KAM programs have
proliferated. Siemens AG has been one of the first to adapt
its business processes and internal structure to the
expected future competitive environment in order to make
the company faster, more focused and more efficient.
In this effort, a winning customer centric sales program
has been developed and put in place: Siemens One.
This case study will allow you to go through its program
and some critical aspects by the analysis and discussion of
a key account relationship develop with Eurobric.
The dead line for emailing me your Group’s report will be
Sept 30th. Our last VC is scheduled for Oct 2nd at 18,30
local time.
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Discussion questions


Why does SIEMENS wanted to provide a KAM program
to its strategic customers?
What have been, according to you, the main benefits and risks of
the KAM approach?

How has Siemens KAM program evolved over time? How long has
it taken to realize benefits?

Why does SIEMENS has chosen EuroBric to be a key account?
What do you think of their identification approach?


What type of organization has Siemens used for EuroBric? What
have been, according to you, the main advantages and
disadvantages of Siemens’ current structure for EuroBric?

If you were Maldini, would you adopt the headquarters’ view and
enforce global integration on the Tamerstan sales team?
Or you would adopt the local view and convince HQ to make
adjustments? Any suggestions?