Sign Me Up, Sarge!

Sign Me Up, Sarge!

How to be a Military Wife

Maybe it was my soldier’s allegiance to his country, maybe it was his radiant gleam of self-assurance or maybe it was how stunning he looked in his crisp, highly, decorated uniform. Whatever the factor or factors attracted me to him, I chose to leave all behind and become one with my G.I. and his structured life. Now, it is time to become shaped and molded into a brand-new military wife. You must become extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of military ambience. You must and should learn to expect the unexpected, become irrefutable self-sufficient, and most importantly, alter to being the most supportive being to your soldier, no matter what the cause.

Always be prepared to start packing up all your belongings on a seven day given notice. For certain, always be prepared for that late night phone call to ship your soldier out without any details. Familiarize yourself on what it is your soldier’s job entails. Army life is hard enough for your soldier, but if you know and understand his job and the pressure he is under, it is easier to cope. Setting you standards too high for the Army will only disappoint you over and over again.

There will certainly be many occasions that your husband will be sent off to some God forsaken location on a combative mission at a moment’s notice. This is the time where you to will learn to wear a multitude of hats in your soldier’s absence. You will take on countless duties and numerous roles, while maintaining emotional and financial stability. In order to keep your sanity, you might want to acquire a part time job. This will supplement the military pay and pass the time. In the meantime, please stay in touch with reality with your new found responsibilities and try not to threaten the children with shipping them off to some God forsaken location.

A supportive military wife with an awesome temperament is truly a blessing to a soldier. Making sure you are always positive and honest...

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