Significant in Lfe

Significant in Lfe

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Solar energy

‘’Solar energy’’

Our entire country is being controlled by the fossil fuel that we call oil. Not only do all of our motor vehicles depend on it, but without oil the country would literally be shot down unable to function. Every one of us is affected by the fluctuation of gas prices at the pump. But humanity has always been in search of a fuel that never runs out, has multiple uses, and can be use in everyday life that is cost effective.

Most of the solar power that exists today has been a combined result of the understanding and harnessing of the suns power. We need to look at solar energy seriously as a possible solution.

Everyday the sun rises and sends out its rays. These lights of the sun are necessary in human’s life. It is know that life depends on the water which mostly comes from rains. In fact, the sun is one of the main causes of the rains in the water cycle. Over the history, there are many examples of using the sun as a source of energy. The old cultures discovered that fact and used the sun as a way to ignite wood. This way relied on converting the sunlight into one ray by using plates of glasses. The steam engines had its power from the solar energy collector that produced the heat to evaporate the steam. Recently, the necessity of the sun arises from its energy to be an alternative for regular defective energies. Solar energy can be used in many ways: to supply heat, lighting, mechanical power and electricity and many other stuff.

Ever since the dawn of time the sun has been a resource we cannot live or do without, so it’s not a shock that man has come up with the idea of solar energy. So the solar energy is a very valuable asset to the modern world.

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