Signs and Wonders

Signs and Wonders

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A students perspective

Signs and wonders
All through time
Could make anyone
Question the meaning of existence.

I’m am not talking about the odd singleton
But rather the united force of evil
The harlots
The sinners
The ghouls
And the gargoyles
Their existence is based upon a will that is greater than their own
Their destinies are apart of a fate that consumes, expands and becomes.
I do not pity the devil and I do not have any place in my heart for him.
But one must note that he is defeated
Yes, defeated in destiny
Defeated in power and defeated in love.

A failure,
A disappointment
Evil, It is an alarmingly alluring state of mind
The way I seem to fall to the dark topic
The ease,
Hitler, Stalin, Osama, Saddam and Mugabe
They are people with many achievements but with many faults
And they have caused unspeakable injustices.
But we all sin,
Not at all to any degree that can justify, permanent and, eternal residence in hell but enough to change our fate perceived in these predestined moments that are our lives.
God was, is and will be an existence that cannot be changed, thus I was born and therefore I exist. I believe that mankind is a thought betwixt the certainty and uncertainty of the human mind and that within our challenges, dreams, quests and inclinations we find our detriment and our death, our value and our life .
Anything that can be said, thought, admired or conspired are signs of wonders within signs that we must wonder. Although one must be careful when putting two powerful aspects of life together because certain elements often fuse and cause outcomes, nice looking evil people, signs and wonders essentially mean more than what they are. The fact that I exist in a universe that was initially nothing, is proof that divinity, however infinitely un-comprehensible, is essentially essence.

Continuing the obvious statement, we all sin despite the sake of humanity and conformity. We are flesh and bones with...

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