Silicon Carbide Sand Making Machine in Fote

Silicon Carbide Sand Making Machine in Fote

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Bauxite belong to our country the bonanza one, chemically stable, and suitable for a variety of chemical industry. Bauxite sand making machine through a variety of finely broken mode the bauxite help China's economic construction.

Silicon carbide processed can be used in the semiconductor industry, piezoelectric crystal engineering processing materials, solar photovoltaic industry.With the strong development of the gradual depletion of conventional fossil energy, hydropower, wind, solar and other new energy, silicon carbide as an important raw material in the photovoltaic industry, received more and more praise, while production Fote Heavy Industry Sandis important for the processing of silicon carbide devices.

Features of silicon carbide sand making machine:

1. The VSI sand maker has high washing cleanliness and causes no pollution or little sand loss during the washing process.

2. Designed with rational structure, novel seal structure, totally enclosed oil bath type gearing and adjustable overflow weir plate.

3. Very little medium sand, fine sand and stone powder loss during the washing process. The grading and fineness modulus of Artificial sand maker are all up to industrial standard.

4. Handling capacity is great and power consumption is low.

5. The Artificial sand maker saves water resources and causes no pollution. It is quite durable.

6. Easy to maintain and convenient to operate.

Fote is in the leader position of this field. If you have any need, please contact us freely. Our effective rock crusher could be applied to series of construction companies. For instance, the cement factories and building companies would need to use it to accomplish completed tasks. It enable the customers to earn more profits since the energy consumption is reduced. During the researching and manufacturing, Fote Machinery believe that we should connect our designs with the market demand. With the reliable reputation.

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