Simple is the best

Simple is the best

Poor modern people are away from simplicity and pureness under the bombardment of capitalist world players. People are just wanted to consume as much as possible. Backstage figures of this game try to frighten people from so many things in order to sell and sell more; also it is imposed to minds that happiness just comes by purchasing and owning. And so people are faced with many things to choose. It was not the case just 100 years ago, not so long.

They put so many things to choose in front of us, but also give huge information heap in order to, so called, “easing the decision”. So much knowledge and choosing alternatives make the mind more busy and away from the nature. Nature, itself is not a choose factory, people makes chose wars which is so artificial and in fact useless even harmful for the human.

Social psychologist, Sheena Iyengar explains the choosing difficulties come from enormous alternatives and makes some recommendations for making decisions easier and also ways to present chooses to people without abandoning them. These are eliminating chooses and just taking in to the consideration the ones with real distinctions; concretization which provides thinking deeper; categorization of the choses and increasing the choosing complexity gradually.

In my opinion it is the best way just to be simple and think simple. We must also simplify just ourselves; we don’t need so many thinks that are tried to be sold to us. And for the things that we really need and have to consume, again we must be simple. Just ask for the cheapest and the most convenient one.

The mind has to be more peaceful, don’t make it restless with extravagancies. Getting the simplicity and beginning to cool the mind will also make the other necessary chooses easier and more proper. Try to make less chose and don’t go over something with a fine comb as we never need so much stress sources. Believe that these choses are not deserve the energy that we spent for them, choosing...

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